Why Offer Financing

how-123-2We Finance This™ helps you
sell more & make more money.

Promoting and Offering We Finance This™ boosts sales.

Offering We Finance This™ as a payment option to your customers benefits both you and your customers. We Finance This™ can help you increase the number of sales, order sizes, and the average amount of each sale. Qualified We Finance This™ buyers can purchase your products or services with up to 9 months of 0% financing.

We Finance This™ gives your customers the flexibility to buy now and pay later on all purchases of $500 to $100,000. With We Finance This™, you get paid the full financed amount within days of your customer’s purchase.

Since customers will have the option of financing their purchases, you can encourage larger or additional purchases. Recent surveys have showed that shoppers buy more when they are given the option to finance their purchases.


We Finance This™ is a free service for you.

There’s no sign up fee for We Finance This™ and no charge to you when your customers use We Finance This™ to finance their purchases.

We Finance This™ helps you sell more and make more money. You can charge MORE for the same item when selling with We Finance This™. You can sell a $20,000 service for $25,000 with 100% financing using We Finance This™ and net an additional $2,250 after our fee.

This is a win-win for you and your customers.

No credit or financial risk to you.

We Finance This™ does not require you to assume any credit or financial risk. When your customer uses We Finance This™ to buy your products and services, you get paid in full up front even if your customer doesn’t make the payments. You still get paid up front and are not responsible for any losses due to missed finance payments.

You get paid up front.

You get paid up front for the full financed amount of the sale so you can stay focused on new sales and new customers.

We Finance This™ takes care of collecting monthly payments from your customers. Your customers buy now and get more time to pay for up to 36 months. You will increase your bottom line by giving your customers flexible payment options.

This is a win-win for you and your customers.

Get started right away

Sign up for We Finance This™ and within minutes you can start offering 100% in-house financing to your customers. We will supply you with marketing copy and banner ads for your sales team and your website to promote your We Finance This™ program. Your customers can now get 0% interest financing on purchase from $500 – $100,000.