How It Works

how-123-2We Finance This™ helps you
sell more & make more money.

We Finance This™ gives you a 100% in-house financing program for your customers purchasing any product or service from $500 – $100,000.

You will now have flexibility to sell any product or service with financing. You can charge any arbitrary deposit or down payment to lock in the sale if you choose.

You can promote your We Finance This™ program with 0% introductory rate for up to 9 months for qualifying buyers.

Think about this… you will close more sale and turn more browsers and “maybes” into buyers.

Think of We Finance This™ as your own in-house bankroll to finance your customers’ purchases. You can customize when and how you introduce We Finance This™into your sales and marketing process but the facts clearly show that We Finance This™in-house financing programs result in more sales.

Your customers can apply anytime at your own We Finance This™ website and will receive an approval decision in 24 hours. Your customer will be able to pay you the full financed amount in one lump sum within days of the approval decision and pay their bill over time.