Program Benefits

Say “We Finance This™”
Any Purchase from $500 – $100,000

Customer / Client Financing

When you offer your customers and clients in-house financing, data shows your business sells more and makes more money.

With our We Finance This™ program, you can provide financing to your customers so you don’t lose out any sales. You will increase your bottom line by giving your customers flexible payment options.

Benefits for you and your customers

With customer / client finance programs designed to meet the needs of business, both you and your customers will benefit from our We Finance This™ program.

Offering We Finance This™ as a payment option to your customers benefits both you and your customers. We Finance This™ can help you increase the number of sales, order sizes, and the average amount of each sale. Qualified We Finance This™ buyers can purchase your products or services with up to 9 months of 0% financing. We Finance This™ gives your customers the flexibility to buy now and pay later on all purchases of $500 to $100,000. With We Finance This™, you get paid the full financed amount within days of your customer’s purchase.

Good for Your BusinessGood for Your Customers

We Finance This™ Increases Profits

Exceptional service and support

  • Flexible in-house customer financing up to $100K for any product or service in any industry
  • More customers buy with in-house finance options
  • Increase sales, profits, cash flow, & repeat business
  • 100% financing or set your own down payment
  • Receive a lump sum payment at the time of funding with all financing options
  • Very attractive promotional rates: 0% Interest for up to 9 months
  • No credit card processing fees
  • One day account setup
  • Turnkey “hands-off” application and funding process
  • Fast, simple application process
  • Rapid approvals, prompt funding
  • Dedicated account representative to support your program
  • Rapid, secure transaction processing methods
  • Marketing support with template emails and website landing pages to attract new customers and close more sales with special financing offers


Cost Effective

  • 700 Credit Score is only qualification
  • Fast and simple application process
  • Consistent credit approvals up to $100,000
  • Immediate access to revolving credit line
  • Ability to get additional funds for repeat purchases
  • Private loans that do NOT show up on personal credit reports
  • 0% Interest for up to 9 months
  • No application fee
  • No down payment – 100% financing option
  • Minimum documentation
  • Affordable payment schedule
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Opportunity to pay over time for up to 3 years

Example $20,000 Cash Offer vs. $25,000 We Finance This™ Offer

Your Cash Offer to Customers Your We Finance This™ Options
Cash up front from your customer.

Example: $20,000 service

Customer pays you $20,000 directly

Customer pays over time using We Finance This™.

You get paid upfront and our private lenders collect payment from your customers.

Example: Financed Price is $25,000.

We Finance This™ Option 1: 100% Financing

  • $2,500 (10 points) paid to us from the financing
  • $22,500 paid in full to you in about 14 days

We Finance This™ Option 2: 10% Down*

  • $2,500 down payment from your customer paid to you
  • $2,500 (10 points) paid to us from the financing
  • $20,000 paid in full to you in ~14 days from the financing

You net $22,500 or $2,500 more with both We Finance This™ options vs. the $20,000 “cash” purchase.

*Note: Your net bottom line of both We Finance This™ options are the same BUT some business owners prefer to get a down payment from the customer to get a buying commitment from the customer. You can arbitrarily customize the down payment % to whatever you want including 0% down as shown in option #1. You can also arbitrarily customize your “We Finance This™” price. Some business owners prefer to make the “We Finance This™” price more than the “cash” price like $20,000 “cash” vs. $25,000 “We Finance This™” price. Some business owners prefer to make the “We Finance This™” price the same as the “cash” price: $20,000 “cash” and $20,000 “We Finance This™” price. Again, you can also arbitrarily customize your “We Finance This™” price to meet your sales needs.